5 Points in the Future to mark Bitcoin’s ‘Arrival’​

1) One of my favourite Andreas Antonopoulos (Bitcoin Educator/Author) talks is where he asks the audience if they use Linux, 1 or 2 people put their hand up. He then enlightens everyone to the fact that they all use Linux. I’m not sure how this would look but using Bitcoin without realising would be an ‘arrival’ point.

2) Author of ‘Bitcoin Clarity’ Kiara Bickers talks about how it’s not about actually programming Bitcoin, but knowing enough about the tech to have confidence in it. I agree. I believe Bitcoin will be at an arrival point when this level of knowledge isn’t needed. Similar to how I’ll ride an Aeroplane without being an Aeronautical Engineer or have confidence my lights will turn on this evening without being an Electrician.

3) Balance Sheet allocation is great but when an actual *Country* goes on a Bitcoin standard, this will be an arrival point. A lot of Countries finances are in very bad shape.. Do you really think one is not just going to say f it and roll the dice with the most sound money in existence!?

4) A price point of $500k. Once gold’s market cap has been eclipsed by Bitcoin, this will be an arrival point. I’m also being tame with this amount seeing as there’s more than just Gold’s cap to swallow, and more USD’s are being put into existence, but you’ve got to start somewhere..

5) Dan Held (Head of Growth at Kraken) highlights in a tweet earlier this year that -
% of world using the Internet in 1995 = 0.5%
% of world using the Internet in 2021 = 60%
% of world using Bitcoin in 2021 = 0.5% (*is probably closer to 1% today)

When Bitcoin does a ~50x on current users to 25% of population, this will be an ‘arrival’ point.

While I do think all of these things will happen in the future, these are by no means things that Bitcoin ‘has’ to tick off and obviously debating what constitutes an ‘arrival’ is highly subjective. I’m just trying to have some fun with it.

*None of this is financial advice please come to own conclusions

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