Why not?

1) I’ll start with a framing exercise. If Bitcoin reached highs of ~$2.70 in 2017, was down to 40 cents in March 2020, and was trading at ~$6 today, would the price make you feel late? (varied answers to be expected which is fine)

2) If I…

*Not an actual sales pitch or financial advice, do own research

1. “But you can’t use it” — Bitcoin is a savings/storage account. You don’t have to play hot potato with it like you do with fiat to protect against inflation. If you want to buy a Lollipop use fiat…

What lessons would Bitcoin teach it’s child if it was a parent?

1. Privacy > Maximising TikTok followers

Bitcoin would teach it’s child the value of remaining private as opposed to maximising eyeballs from optimising angles on the latest TikTok challenge video. #pseudonymous

2. Accountability > Outsourcing Responsibility

Bitcoin would…

Patrick Connolly

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